Anxiety Anxiety Anxiety

Good afternoon peeps,

I have so many things i’d like to talk about with you all but it seems I am being asked to talk more and more about the subject of pain and probably more specifically anxiety.

A word that is used to describe nervousness, worry, fear or unease. It is so common that we all at some point in life will experience this.

I know many men and women who have made anxiety their best friend,  using this feeling to propel them in all sorts of ways to achieve many amazing things and yet others have allowed it become their worst enemy. On the surface you would never know that these people are suffering but on further inspection however, they will admit to feeling like something is haunting them, feelings of having a heart attack because of the overwhelm of the feeling that just doesn’t let up, it consumes them, so no matter how much wealth or things they acquire they are generally miserable, angry and have a lot of pain inside, they just hide it well with their smiles and otherwise confident personalities.2638

My work with them is to provide a way for them to meet all feelings with a different approach. All thoughts are equal although we do not label them as such. Nothing is either good or bad only thinking makes it so!

Techniques I have found to work extremely effectively especially for beginners to any type of inner work are some short mindfulness meditations maybe 10-15 minutes of this can help quiet the mind and provide some introspection. Pranayama exercises are also great. In fact if you google or youtube this subject you will find hundreds of different solutions to this issue, the issue is that they don’t seem to provide a long enough fix or more specifically people will tend to do them for a short time and then stop.

For more long term solutions having an expert to pin point the root cause of the issue (What you think it is, it isn’t!) And to provide you with a space to bring that cause out into the open, explore it and let it go. This will allow you to release that aspect of the anxiety out of your life.  This may or may not mean that there aren’t further areas of exploration required to reduce these feelings. But again, I am of the opinion that we must accept and make the feeling our friend. For me it is the easiest way to reduce it’s power.

All feelings are our inner guidance’s way of getting us to wake up and pay attention. To get out of our heads and be present to reality, yes very much easier said than done! The stories we repeatedly tell ourselves that cause anxiety are so ingrained because of our repetition of the thoughts.

‘Rumination’ – Thoughts and concepts that seem to get stuck in the mind. Creates a stress response (Fight of Flight) Stress then heightens the activity in the amygdala (fear centre).

It then comes to a point that we can’t even see that the thought is the problem!

Can you change your thoughts?  Well think about it, most of us expend huge amounts of energy trying to change other peoples way of thinking and behaviour so if we believe we can change theirs why don’t we believe we can change our own? And if you can’t change your own what chance do you really have of changing any one elses?  Whose thoughts need changing the most? Whose thoughts are you responsible for?

It is a lot easier to see what someone else should be doing or thinking than seeing our own out of date thoughts and behaviours.

My goal is to help as many people as possible come to face their fears head on. The fear of failure, the fear of rejection, the fear of, success – yes that is a thing! Whatever it is you’re fearing is illusionary.  Your fears are not out there. They are within you and they can be tamed. If you want to give it a try let me know.

DW x




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