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Other people’s Opinions

I overheard this conversation earlier between two people, they were talking really loudly honest….

“You know what? I really feel like selling up and moving somewhere else. I’m so sick of this place and I would love to go and live in Spain, get a home there and start writing and painting again. I hate my job and I just don’t have anything that’s keeping me here anymore”

“ok, so how long have you felt like this?”

“I’ve felt like this for years but I’ve been thinking about moving to Spain seriously for around the last year, I’ve visited a few times and I just know it’s where I want to spend the majority of my time.”

“So are you going to go then?”

“Well I spoke to my Dad” (Dad lives in Germany and has never left apparently) “he thinks it’s a really bad idea and my colleague at work thinks so too, they think I will lose out financially especially if I sell my house now and house prices go up and also they don’t think that I should move to another country without having a proper job there and…….”

Me thinking In My Head: Do they pay your mortgage? Are they experts on the economic future of this country? Do they have any inside knowledge on whether house prices will go up or down in the foreseeable future? o.k So if you really want to leave and this is the best thing for you why are their opinions so important to you?

I hear similar things to this all of the time. Is it really other opinions that we care about that prevent us from making that decision to live the life we really want? or are we using their opinions as another excuse to stay stuck?

I mean we know what we want right? And we kind of know what it takes to get that right? So somewhere in the middle of knowing what you want and getting it are a whole load of reasons why not to. Where do these reasons come from?

We can get excited at the thought of greatness but that’s where it stops. Why is this?

Who doesn’t want to be great?

Well, most of us it seems by the amount of excuses we give ourselves not to be.

It seems other people can act as another crutch we can use not to move forward and empower ourselves to make that decision to do what will stretch us and grow. If I say I really want to make £100k by the end of August 2017 by concentrating on trading, it actually feels great to have put that goal out there and to think and see it as a possibility but then I have to execute. Then I have to take the actions that will lead to that end goal. Actions that If I haven’t done them before will be very scary and overwhelming at times. There are no guarantees that it will work and I might fail and I might lose money and I might…….o.k I won’t bother then. Or I might share that goal with someone and they might say, why do you want to go and do that? You’ve done alright why would you risk it all for a Big Dream? (Yes someone has said this to me before)

These types of conversations lay the seeds of doubt for my ego to say, yeah they’re right why are you doing that? Just stick to what you know. It’s more secure!!!

At what age in life do we give up on our dreams? Why is this o.k? Why are we so happy to live a mediocre existence? Because, you may argue, that everyone else is perhaps?

Do you know how many people I speak to who go on about job security. Really? What is this thing? job security? There is no such thing as security in anything outside of yourself. Corporates make redundancies, small businesses go under, markets change, economies collapse at any time jobs can be lost. This is just a fact. Why does it feel so comfortable to place all of your faith in the illusion that someone else is to provide for you? Which made me think that we were never really encouraged to have faith in our own ability to provide security for ourselves, most of us were taught to have complete dependency on the system. For our parents this may have seemed logical but not anymore, not in 2017. We can and must do better.

Security, like Love is something that you are. Now I am not for one minute telling anyone to go out and quit their job to go start the next facebook or twitter or go meditate on a mountain somewhere but I am saying that having faith in yourself is a big deal.

To have faith in your own ability to know exactly what you need to do and when you need to do it, is the only security we ever really have.  To expect security from something external whether it’s a job, a person or an item all of which can be taken away is giving your power over to those things.

Your faith in the powers given to you at birth need to be re-awakened and acknowledged. You are a very powerful being. You have within you your own internal GPS system in the form of feelings and emotions guiding you. Through lack of use your GPS requires updating. The software has been tampered with and it is not functioning at its peak but it is there and it does work.

More attention and acknowledgement of your skills, talents, creativity and abilities will awaken the system. Internal analysis of where it may be giving off faulty signals can be fixed by your attention to detail in yourself. Observation and gentle amendments. Questioning existing thoughts, beliefs and seeing if and how they serve you and aligning your values with all of your new found guidance will bring you even closer to security than any job ever can.

Once you are secure in yourself, the opinion of others is no longer required. In fact it never was.

Much love







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