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My not so rose tinted glasses

There are people that you wish you could just un-know.

If only there was a Facebook like button in real life where you could just un-know people and delete them from your entire memory.

Without this ability in real life we are stuck with in my case the occasional reminder that I chose to surround myself with less than desirable people at many times in my life.

But instead of focusing on their issues and flaws it took me to look at myself and figure out why I was attracted to these people and why I was attracting them.

This one was a big eye opener for me. The truth is I couldn’t see how far removed I had become from myself. Self-doubt, self-neglect and a belief in many things but not myself had led me to hope that somewhere up above that someone would hear my internal cry and come and rescue me from my predicaments. Of course that was never going to happen.

What I found out in later life was that this negative state I was in was creating my outer reality.  The lens through which I was seeing the world needed serious cleaning.

You see the thoughts that you think are creating what you experience. The thoughts that you think to yourself and about yourself and the world are what will manifest for you in your life.

At the same time if you are pretending that you are happy, sweet and light on the outside whilst on the inside you are seething with hateful thoughts and resentful feelings you will also bring about the same results of lack and misery.  You can pretend to the people around you but you can’t trick the universe!

Your thoughts and feelings are so powerful. It is imperative that you understand this and learn how to control the two to the best of your ability.

Emotional Education I believe is so needed in the world right now. We attend school to understand how to be a good worker bee and demonstrate a certain level of intellect but we leave with no knowledge or understanding of who we actually are and how to relate what is happening inside of us to the outside. let’s face it, people don’t talk about how they really feel, it’s an unsaid rule.

We do not learn about aspects of the heart other than in biological terms and consequently we do not understand our emotions and we are inadvertently taught to fear them.

Our power is given up very early on to the external world, we are children so are dependant on it. As we grow up we are not taught to take this power back.

We are all led to conclude that we must believe in what we see rather than coming to the realisation that we actually only see what we believe.

Change your thoughts – Change your life.

I’m sure you’ve heard this repeated time and time again. I cannot stress how valuable this actually is. Of course, in order to do this, you must change some of your beliefs. Many of you aren’t even aware of what your beliefs are or that change is possible.

Wherever you are experiencing difficulty whether in your relationships, work, financial situation, socially or health wise I urge you to take a long hard look at what your beliefs are in that area. Not just your surface level beliefs but also your core beliefs.  Beliefs you have held about yourself and the world that have been ingrained into your being. Just shining a light of awareness can be enough to enable you to take some control away from them. These core beliefs are running your life.

Core Beliefs Definition:

Core beliefs are the very essence of how we see ourselves, other people, the world and the future. They are assumptions (Not Facts) and are often formed at a very early age and are repeated patterns of thought which determine behaviour. Your experience of life is filtered through your set of beliefs.

The things you do, the way you react to things, the people you attract, how you perceive the world comes down to what you have going on in your core belief system.

Where do these beliefs come from?

Primarily they come from your Parents, Siblings, Culture, Teachers, Religion, Peers, Media, colleagues, other authority figures etc.

How many of these beliefs are your own?

For me I’d say probably none. Some may be my own mixed with a little here and there from other people. Truthfully, I tossed my own beliefs away to fit the societal norms of the time. I wasn’t aware at the time that in throwing my own beliefs away I had thrown away a part of myself. I always had a knowing of things not being as I had been indoctrinated but I was a powerless child at the time. What did I know?

Since embarking on the amazing journey of self-discovery I am a personal testament to the fact that there is nothing you can’t do or achieve with the help and guidance of your own intuition once you tune into it and the many people that have walked the path themselves.

I encourage anyone wishing to embark to message me your interest. I am putting together some workshops to help those that know they are destined for better things but just don’t know how to move forward from where they are. This journey is not for the faint hearted. If you don’t like change or you wish to remain in a state where you are not responsible for your life, this workshop is not for you. If you wish to stay blaming and finger pointing and looking at all the reasons why you are not responsible and somebody else is, this is not for you.

I guess you have to get to that point where you are sick and tired of being sick and tired.

That is where I was and it may be different for you but trust me, you can make big changes and live an amazing life in all areas as soon as you decide to take responsibility for what is happening in your life and change your thoughts!

Much love




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