What are you thinking?

Scientists estimate that we all have between 50 and 70 thousand thoughts per day. This equates to around 3000 thoughts per hour or 50 per minute.

That’s a lot of thinking right?

A lot of these thoughts are automatic and unconscious as we have practiced them into an unconscious repetitive thought pattern.

When we struggle to change a pattern of behaviour that is no longer serving us, in order to make real and lasting changes we need to identify which thoughts or beliefs are preventing us from making this conscious desire a reality.

Unfortunately with all those unconscious thoughts riding out in the background, until we bring those sabotaging thoughts into our conscious awareness we are limited in our will power.

It is defined that our lack of willpower is an inability to control or restrain ourselves from taking certain actions. Apparently this is due to lack of self-control which comprises of determination, strength, purpose and commitment which I believe is only partially true as these behaviours are conscious choices.

Consciously you may have all the strength and commitment in the world but if you have an unconscious belief in the background which is saying ‘if you stop or start this behaviour it would be bad.’ all the will power in the world will not prevent you from falling back into old patterns once the initial euphoria of change has taken place.

In order to create real and lasting change we need to discover what the underlying belief and thoughts are that are making inaction or inconsistency so prevalent.

I was reading an article recently about our Upper limits of happiness and how this holds us back in life. The overall theme being that we all have an upper limit on how much happiness we will allow ourselves to feel. Otherwise known as our deserve level. Somewhere within our psyche we don’t feel like we deserve any better.

Most of us are not yet ready to be 100% happy all of the time. It may not make any logical sense but our unconscious programming says otherwise. Deep down we don’t believe it’s possible to be that successful/happy/wealthy or positive. We unconsciously hold ourselves back because of this.

It is like we have an internal happiness thermostat.  It has the ability to be turned all the way up to maximum but for whatever reason we have restricted it. The amount will vary from person to person but for this example let’s say it is restricted to reach levels of no more than 25%. As soon as we get too happy or too comfortable and our temperature of happiness increases to say 23 or 24%, some unconscious alarm bells start to go off in our psyche warning that we are approaching danger levels of happiness. When these alarm bells start ringing they start our unconscious patterns of self-sabotage in motion in order to bring the temperature back down to acceptable and comfortable levels of happiness. i.e. our comfort zone.

What a bummer!

Ideally, what we want to do is increase the restricted number on the thermostat to allow for greater levels of happiness.

So, how do we do that? You may ask.

Well, as mentioned earlier, we need to understand the subconscious thought process that is running in the background that is limiting us.

We need to bring what is unconscious or in the darkness out into the light so that we can examine it and replace it with healthier more productive thoughts and beliefs.

Through very careful coaching methods we can gently bring these patterns and beliefs out into the open so they can be changed. Through practice and persistence you can alter your thoughts, beliefs and happiness levels to increase what you are open to receive in your life.

With 3000 thoughts an hour, this work is from my own experience impossible to do without help.

If this article resonates with you and you wish to discuss further please comment and share.

Much love,


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