Glad I Checked


Something told me to check my online banking today. It’s been a while.

First thing I notice; £158 going out to Travelodge. My debit card that I rarely use has been cloned!

Yet another reminder that intuition must be followed!

So I’m straight on the phone to the bank to get this sorted only to be advised that another £450 and £631 as well as another £158 was coming out.

I was like “err no” very calm and collected to the guy on the phone “can you get this cancelled and refunded please”.

After being passed throught to the fraud department within about 15 minutes all was sorted and the money should be back in my account by tomorrow morning.

Not the most exciting blog post i know but the reason why i felt to write about this is becuase this reaction is very far from the way I would have reacted even 3 years ago. Rewind back to 2014, same scenario different mind-set. I would have been a ball of rage and panic at the revelation my bank account had been tampered with. In fact any little thing that wasn’t how I expected it to be would have me pi$$3d and whoever was on the other end of the telephone would have been very aware of my displeasure.

I just have to laugh at how ridiculous my reactions were and how far from that ‘panicked’ and anxious person I am today. Thankfully for all around me my ego has been tamed enough for me to be able to be rational and calm, Hallelujah!

This change has saved me from much embarrassment, irrational outbursts and possibly loss of some very good friendships. I am very sure there are people who avoided or were intimidated by my not so easy going demeanour at times.

What strikes me as key to this change in outlook and reaction is to realise that everything always works out. You may not realise this when you are going through whatever life challenge you may be going through but the fact is. You WILL get through it and if you are willing to look carefully it is (usually in hindsight) a great lesson or a great teacher.

Often times we can look back at painful or annoying experiences and appreciate how much they help us grow as individuals. How much they are alerting us to other issues we have not yet noticed or acknowledged.

It may help you to know that if I could go back to my old irrational self and have a chat with her I would remind her that:

  1. A) This too will pass
  2. B) It is my thoughts about the situation I am reacting to, not the situation itself. Stop Thinking!

Another great thing to do throughout the day is to: Breathe in and hold the breathe for 8 seconds.

Then breathe out through the mouth for 8-10 seconds till there’s absolutely no air left. Hold for 3 seconds. And breathe in!

Repeat this 5 times to bring you back to reality, rational thinking and present moment awareness.

If you wish to fast-track your way out of irrational thinking or behaviours. Please email thelovebroker@gmail.com for a detailed look at how this works.

Much Love,





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